In Scarborough, Coast and County Radio are giving performers the chance to have their music played on the radio and perform live

Interview with Dave McGregor from Coast and County Radio

A mixture of shows that air on a community radio station in Scarborough aim to help give local and unsigned artists a chance to perform live at various venues and have their music played on the radio.

The Chapter 3 Show that airs on Coast and County Radio every Monday evening, between 8pm and 10pm, is presented by Mike Lynskey & Jamie King.

Singers and bands are given the chance to perform live in and out of the studio.

Coast and County Radio’s logo

Another show on Coast and County Radio is called the North Yorkshire Scene, which was created and presented by Graham Rhodes and Dave MacGregor.

McGregor said: “The show airs every Tuesday evening, between 6pm and 8pm, and it consists of a round-up of all performances that are happening at different venues in the area.”

The show provides information about all the local venues that present live performances across the arts.

The show includes a lot of music from a wide range of local bands and artistes, as well as details of who’s on, where and when the performances are taking place.

He also said: “Anyone who is making their own music can send it to us and it might get played during the two-hour show.”

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