Open Mic Night events at East Leeds FM

Open mic night events at Chapel FM Art centre

On the last Friday of every month, the community radio station East Leeds FM, based at Chapel FM Art Centre in Seacroft, holds an Open Mic Night which welcomes all kinds of performers.

The Open Mic Nights were first started by a former employee and now every month they have a wide range of people performing, including singers, musicians and comedy acts.

Elliott Moon, 26, Technical Assistant at East Leeds FM, said that the Open Mic Nights create a great opportunity for all the technical volunteers to get involved and it is a way of showing local talent in Leeds.

Lucy Pierson, who regularly performs at the Open Mic Night said: “Before going back [to university] it was helpful to get used to standing in front of a crowd again.

“It was pretty daunting getting back into performing because I hadn’t been singing for almost a year.”

She explained that the support she has received at the Open Mic Nights has helped increase her confidence after a bad relationship.  

Pierson also said: “It is good that it is part of the radio station because it adds more publicity and it gets screened over Facebook.”    

Chapel FM Art Centre hold events nearly every Friday night and these events include theatre productions and performances from a big range of artists and bands from all over the world, including Poland.  

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