New community radio station, Leeds Dance Community Radio, is coming

Interview with Daniel Tidmarsh from
the upcoming community radio station
Leeds Dance Community Radio

In May 2018, Leeds Dance Community Radio was granted a broadcast licence.

The station is being started by Daniel Tidmarsh, 35, Chris Tate, 42, and Lyall Cardis, 36, and is partnering with Leeds Beckett University.

They will be playing a wide variety of music, including dance, underground and urban music, and they will celebrate the vibrant diversity Leeds has to offer, as well as the music produced in the city.

Tidmarsh said: “We have a city-wide licence and our passion is to bring a sense of involvement and identity, while raising awareness on various important issues that affect local communities.”

They believe that through their choice in music, together with relevant and unique radio broadcasts, they can bridge the social, ethnic and community gaps in Leeds by bringing the community together.

The station’s output will be locally sourced and produced by presenters and DJs that work and live in the community, making the station’s output immediately relevant, trusted and identifiable.

Tidmarsh said: “We are using the power of music, basically, and we will be providing services aimed at individuals who are otherwise underserved by such services.”

Leeds is the fourth largest UK city, although the radio output in terms of targeted demographic, musical genre and local community engagement is severely lacking, according to Tidmarsh.

They aim to provide an output that targets popular, diverse, yet under-represented musical trends as well as providing a voice for the local community with a radio station they can feel proud to identify with.

Tidmarsh said: “We are looking to launch in the later part of the year, so within the next seven months and it’s exciting.”

Leeds Dance Community Radio logo

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