Phoenix Radio in Halifax has moved buildings

Interview with Howard Priestley, the Manager at Phoenix Radio

Phoenix Radio has moved to Fletchers Mill in Dean Clough in Halifax after being at D/DG Mill for the past 10 years and has been in the process of moving buildings for around 12 months.

Now there are only about six months to go before the station is going to be fully complete.

At the moment, one studio is up and running but there are still two studios that are yet to be finished.

Howard Priestley, 62, Manager of Phoenix Radio, explained that the move has meant the station can re-brand itself and they have a brand new website, members and an e-newsletter.

He said: “The move has been stressful and there have been a few problems on the way, such as moving the equipment, funding and the broadband quality, which lead to the station going off air sometimes, but it has all been worth it.”

The new place started as an empty mill, which meant that the work of building the radio station started from scratch, and while the move has been taking place, the station has stayed on the air waves and continued to run as normal.

Priestley also said: “Some artists and illustrators that work in the building, are hoping to work with us.”

Tour of Phoenix Radio

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