Bradford Community Broadcasting (BCB) set up a radio project for adults with learning disabilities

Radio 119 studio

After around 15 years the Radio 119 project, that was set up at Bradford Community Broadcasting (BCB), is still going strong.

Radio 119 is a project that was set up for adults with learning disabilities and the show is pre-recorded and goes on air weekly, every Thursday.


Sian Forse, 55, Team Leader, said she has been working at Radio 119 since last year and before that she had never worked in radio, so she was nervous at first.

Force said: “The aim of Radio 119 is to help people who have learning disabilities have a voice, grow in confidence and have the chance to create and present radio shows.”

They plan interviews and try to get in contact with organisations and people to talk about issues that are likely to affect people with learning disabilities or facilities that are available.

In the past they have people come in to talk about health and dental checks and someone who runs a social club for people with learning disabilities.

She said: “We have done a lot of interviews to try to raise awareness really, for people with learning disabilities and it is something different, they also enjoy meeting new people and doing the interviews.

“They are able to express their views.”

Interview with Sian Forse from Radio 119

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