Branch FM in Dewsbury is serving the community

Interview with Barney Childs at Branch FM

Despite being a Christian community radio station, Branch FM gets involved with all type of projects, some that are based on other religions and some that are not linked to any religion.

Branch FM broadcasts from Dewsbury, in West Yorkshire, on 101.8 FM.

Barney Childs, 33, Assistant Station Manager at Branch FM, said even though they are a Christian station they get involved with and help charities and community projects that are not based on religions. 

Childs also said: “We are here for the community, no matter what faith they are from and whether they have no faith as well, we just see our self as being here for the community to encourage people, to give them a positive and uplifting message.”

The station also partners with local schools, colleges and universities to facilitate where possible work placements for their students as well as working with and supporting young men and women with special needs.

Often the station has people getting in touch and messaging them to say how listening to the shows has helped them though low points in their life or got them thinking about God.

Childs said: “Every year the station does a special programme that is prerecorded and broadcast on Christmas day, which includes us reading parts of the bible and getting involved with events that are happening in the community.”

See an exclusive preview of the 2018 Branch FM Christmas show.  

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