The Station Manager at Two Rivers Radio in York claims social media is changing community radio

Interview with Jez Russell from Two Rivers Radio

The Station Manager at Two Rivers Radio says that there is a lot more radio presenters can do in terms of connecting with their listeners while live on air because of social media.

Two Rivers Radio is a pop-up community radio station in the centre of York.

The radio station broadcasts from The Corner Pin pub, on Tanner Row, every Monday and from the Lendal Cellars on the last Wednesday of every month.

They also broadcast from special events such as the Bishopthorpe Road Street Party and Dyls Party in the Park.

Jez Russell, 33, Station Manager, said for a radio station that is only broadcast online, social media is very important, as it is a way to interact with the listeners while you are on air.

Two Rivers Radio’s banner

At first Russell thought the number of people and the interaction the radio station was receiving on social media was fairly low but people from bigger stations have told me otherwise.

He said “social media is very important for radio stations and has changed the way the audience can interact with the presenters while live on air, but it is not everything.”

Russell also said: “I always had a fascination for radio and having Two Rivers Radio as a pop-up station happened by accident but having a pop-up station has allowed us to do more things, like broadcast from different locations, such as other pubs, charity fundraisers and live music events.”

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